Guide to Automotive Social Media


The way of communicating today has greatly changed.  Social media has become an essential part of human communications since the advent of the internet.  Today, most businesses including the automotive business is using social media in communicating to their customers and potential ones.

The aim of automotive social media, which is an auto dealership’s marketing strategy is to see more cars and gain more profit.  Since businesses find social media sites helpful, including the popular ones like facebook, twitter, instagram, and YouTube, it is important that they have their own social media accounts.  Social media sites have made many businesses accessible to people and so you can use these sites to advertise your brand and communicate with potential customers.  You can also receive feedback regarding your business.  The negative things that customers are saying about your company can easily be corrected and clarified.

Popular brands have already seen the benefits of using social media.  This is not where their marketing dollars are going.  These popular brands use videos, tweet messages and social networking impressions for their social media campaigns.

This has resulted in a lot of YouTube views, twitter impressions and many customers have asked to be kept up to date.  So today, almost all auto brands and auto dealerships have their own social media campaigns for the product advertising.

Many car dealer use twitter to make their announcements, advertisements, trivia, sales and discounts for their customers. Popular brands are now using twitter and other social media to promote their new brands.  Social media sites are also used to promote new brands like giving a competition to potential customers by having the brand new model as the prize of the competition.  For the contest mechanics, the company urged interested individuals to write a tweet using the correct hashtag to increase their chances of winning the car prize.  This strategy uses automotive social media to attract many customer.

You can build your own local community fan page in facebook and if you get enough likes then you will be known to more customers.  People will be interested in your advertisements and promotions if you post a lot of pictures and posts.

Posting YouTube videos is another way that the automotive business can communicate and attract the curiosity of their potential customer.  It is free to post videos so it is less expensive compared to costly TV and radio advertisements.  The same holds true of Instagram, where you can post photos of your latest models which customers can easily see and like.

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